I love October

I love October…

I love the crispness in the air. I love the colours: rusts, burgundy, gold, and evergreen. I love the look of frost on the lawn. I love to see the fog creeping across the fields. I love the view of the mountains in the clean air. I love Thanksgiving, Wedding Anniversary, my son’s Birthday, Halloween costumes and everything this month has given me.

In October, the kids are settled in their classes, but the stresses of exams and reporting has not yet arrived. In October, the campus is still clean and bright, not yet dulled by the wear of the year. In October, the sweaters come out; the steam rises up from mugs of hot chocolate, pumpkin lattés and apple cider.

Pumpkins ripen in the patch and children wander back and forth looking for the perfect one. The corn is ready for harvest, and the mazes are at their tallest ready for the last bit of fun. The cranberry bogs are prepped for flooding and turn into fields of red.

It’s a season that suggests the end of things, but it is the beginning of so many others. Abundance is all around. People cosy in during the colder months ahead, but still come out in October for the last of the weekend farmers’ markets.

The shelves are lined with pickles, canning, jams and chutney for the coming winter. The freezer begins to fill with baked goods and quick pre-prepped casseroles for those busier evenings.

October, it looks cold on the surface – as if all is curling up for the hibernation, but it’s really a time of newness if you know where to look.

Okay, Self, I know you’re around here somewhere.