My Life Today in 100 words

Describe your life today in a single paragraph of 100 words. No more than 100 and no less than 100. It must be exactly 100 words:

Two things happened this weekend: I finished a very challenging assignment, I watched “The Banger Sisters”. I’m working on an M.Ed. I’ve always wanted to complete graduate studies, but those nagging “you’re not good enough” voices held me back. When I became fed up with not being good enough,this program was one of the early steps in claiming my Self. So why “The Banger Sisters”? Lavinia, (Susan Sarandon) lost herself, becoming a Rose-Coloured Wife and Mother. She reconnects with her friend, Suzette, (Goldie Hawn) to reconnect with her Self. I’m Lavinia. I’m Suzette. I’m both. I’m neither. I am me.