New Year’s Wishes…

I don’t want to be political in this blog, so I’ll forward this to the universe without mentioning parties, lobbyists, organizations or names; these are my wishes for 2012:

Children are Cherished

Not only by their parents, not only by those who love them, not only by those who know them personally, but Cherished by All. Too many children are living below the poverty line. Too many children show up at school without a breakfast to start the day; in fact, too many children have their only meal of the day at school (lunch) so as to no raise suspicion regarding how difficult things really are at home. Too many children are in one classroom – not receiving enough one on one attention. Too many children are home alone afterschool, because their parents cannot afford childcare nor can they afford not to work.

Role Models actually Role-model

Why is the professional athlete a role model? Is it because he/she is rich? Famous? Because he or she is on tv or gets free stuff? What about the musician/singer? Or the actor? Or the reality television personality who has managed to prolong their 15 minutes of fame? The athlete should be a role model because they demonstrate what teamwork and good sportsmanship is. The musician or singer because it takes dedication and practice – because they’ve worked hard on their craft, same for the actor. And that reality television star, what has their accomplishment been? They should only be role models if they demonstrate a trait worth following. Fame and riches are not worth moulding oneself after.

Worthwhile role-models: the teacher or coach who inspires, the doctor or nurse who goes above and beyond to care for people in need, the volunteer giving of themselves, and the parent who should ultimately be their child’s first and best teacher. There are many people who inspire with their greatness – true greatness.

Life is for Living

This may be sticking my nose in other people’s business; however, it’s my blog so here I go: I would love for people to recognise that food nourishes – enjoy it. Take smaller bites. Sit and enjoy. Share a meal with friends and loved ones. Taste your food. You’ll be healthier, happier, perhaps lose extra pounds (or maybe put on needed weight in a healthy way). I would also love for people to make more time for themselves and more time to share with others. Play a board game or assemble a puzzle with your family. Go out for coffee or walk with a friend. Connect. We are human beings, social creatures by nature, let’s move away from just surviving and actually start living our lives – with other people.

That’s only three wishes. Three wishes for the New Year. Or maybe three wishes for that genie would might, possibly, probably not, never pop out of that magic lamp.

Remember, the Secret of Life is in the Journey.